[PATCH] drm/radeon: Disable writeback by default on ppc

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Mon Jun 17 09:07:20 PDT 2013

On Mon, 2013-06-17 at 11:04 -0400, Alex Deucher wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 10:06 AM, Adam Jackson <ajax at redhat.com> wrote:
> > At least on an IBM Power 720, this check passes, but several piglit
> > tests will reliably trigger GPU resets due to the ring buffer pointers
> > not being updated.  There's probably a better way to limit this to just
> > affected machines though.
> What radeon chips are you seeing this on?  wb is more or less required
> on r6xx and newer and I'm not sure those generations will even work
> properly without writeback enabled these days.  We force it to always
> be enabled on APUs and NI and newer asics.  With KMS, wb encompasses
> more than just rptr writeback; it covers pretty much everything
> involving the GPU writing any status information to memory.

FirePro 2270, at least.  Booting with no_wb=1, piglit runs to completion
with no GPU resets or IB submission failures.  Booting without no_wb,
the following piglits go from pass to fail, all complaining that the
kernel rejected CS:

                                                       no-wb     wb        
                                                       (info)    (info)    
All                                                    7598/9587 7403/9553 
glean                                                  362/385   361/385   
pointAtten                                             pass      fail      
texture_srgb                                           pass      fail      
shaders                                                477/533   441/533   
glsl-algebraic-add-add-1                               pass      fail      
glsl-algebraic-add-add-2                               pass      fail      
glsl-algebraic-add-add-3                               pass      fail      
glsl-algebraic-sub-zero-3                              pass      fail      
glsl-algebraic-sub-zero-4                              pass      fail      
glsl-complex-subscript                                 pass      fail      
glsl-copy-propagation-if-1                             pass      fail      
glsl-copy-propagation-if-2                             pass      fail      
glsl-copy-propagation-if-3                             pass      fail      
glsl-copy-propagation-vector-indexing                  pass      fail      
glsl-fs-atan-2                                         pass      fail      
glsl-fs-dot-vec2-2                                     pass      fail      
glsl-fs-log2                                           pass      fail      
glsl-fs-main-return                                    pass      fail      
glsl-fs-max-3                                          pass      fail      
glsl-fs-min-2                                          pass      fail      
glsl-fs-min-3                                          pass      fail      
glsl-fs-statevar-call                                  pass      fail      
glsl-fs-struct-equal                                   pass      fail      
glsl-function-chain16                                  pass      fail      
glsl-implicit-conversion-02                            pass      fail      
glsl-inout-struct-01                                   pass      fail      
glsl-inout-struct-02                                   pass      fail      
glsl-link-varying-TexCoord                             pass      fail      
glsl-link-varyings-2                                   pass      fail      
glsl-uniform-initializer-4                             pass      fail      
glsl-uniform-initializer-6                             pass      fail      
glsl-uniform-initializer-7                             pass      fail      
glsl-vs-abs-neg-with-intermediate                      pass      fail      
glsl-vs-clamp-1                                        pass      fail      
glsl-vs-deadcode-1                                     pass      fail      
glsl-vs-deadcode-2                                     pass      fail      
glsl-vs-f2b                                            pass      fail      
glsl-vs-position-outval                                pass      fail      
link-uniform-array-size                                pass      fail      
loopfunc                                               pass      fail      
spec                                                   5921/7801 5763/7767 
!OpenGL 1.1                                            118/229   101/219   
depthstencil-default_fb-clear                          pass      fail      
getteximage-simple                                     pass      fail      
texwrap formats                                        27/50     12/40     
GL_LUMINANCE12                                         pass      fail      
GL_LUMINANCE16                                         pass      fail      
GL_LUMINANCE4                                          pass      fail      
GL_LUMINANCE4_ALPHA4                                   pass      fail      
GL_LUMINANCE8                                          pass      fail      
!OpenGL 1.4                                            11/13     9/13      
triangle-rasterization                                 pass      fail      
triangle-rasterization-fbo                             pass      fail      
ARB_depth_buffer_float                                 9/63      6/63      
fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-clear                   pass      fail      
fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F-clear                  pass      fail      
fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH32F_STENCIL8-clear                 pass      fail      
ARB_depth_texture                                      11/53     10/53     
fbo-depth-GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32-clear                   pass      fail      
ARB_fragment_program                                   23/28     22/28     
kil-swizzle                                            pass      fail      
ARB_framebuffer_object                                 14/26     13/26     
fbo-deriv                                              pass      fail      
ARB_framebuffer_sRGB                                   80/81     65/81     
blit renderbuffer linear downsample disabled           pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer linear msaa enabled                  pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer linear single_sampled enabled        pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer linear_to_srgb scaled disabled       pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer srgb msaa disabled                   pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer srgb msaa enabled                    pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer srgb scaled enabled                  pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer srgb single_sampled enabled          pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer srgb upsample enabled                pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer srgb_to_linear msaa disabled         pass      fail      
blit renderbuffer srgb_to_linear msaa enabled          pass      fail      
blit texture linear scaled enabled                     pass      fail      
blit texture linear_to_srgb upsample disabled          pass      fail      
blit texture srgb msaa disabled                        pass      fail      
blit texture srgb msaa enabled                         pass      fail      
ARB_map_buffer_range                                   8/8       6/8       
MAP_INVALIDATE_RANGE_BIT decrement-offset              pass      fail      
MAP_INVALIDATE_RANGE_BIT offset=0                      pass      fail      
ARB_sampler_objects                                    1/4       0/4       
sampler-objects                                        pass      fail      
ARB_shading_language_packing                           10/10     7/10      
execution                                              10/10     7/10      
built-in-functions                                     10/10     7/10      
const-packSnorm4x8                                     pass      fail      
const-unpackSnorm2x16                                  pass      fail      
const-unpackUnorm2x16                                  pass      fail      
ARB_texture_compression                                25/40     22/40     
texwrap formats bordercolor-swizzled                   3/6       0/6       
GL_COMPRESSED_INTENSITY, swizzled, border color only   pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE, swizzled, border color only   pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_LUMINANCE_ALPHA, swizzled, border color  pass      fail      
ARB_texture_cube_map                                   7/8       6/8       
cubemap                                                pass      fail      
ARB_texture_rectangle                                  11/21     10/21     
texrect_simple_arb_texrect                             pass      fail      
ARB_texture_rg                                         42/113    19/97     
texwrap formats-int                                    24/28     0/12      
GL_R16UI                                               pass      fail      
GL_R32UI                                               pass      fail      
GL_R8I                                                 pass      fail      
GL_R8UI                                                pass      fail      
GL_RG16UI                                              pass      fail      
GL_RG32UI                                              pass      fail      
GL_RG8I                                                pass      fail      
GL_RG8UI                                               pass      fail      
ARB_texture_storage                                    1/1       0/1       
texture-storage                                        pass      fail      
ARB_timer_query                                        1/3       0/3       
query GL_TIMESTAMP                                     pass      fail      
ATI_draw_buffers                                       3/3       2/3       
arbfp-no-option                                        pass      fail      
EXT_framebuffer_multisample                            267/287   259/287   
bitmap 4                                               pass      fail      
bitmap 6                                               pass      fail      
bitmap 8                                               pass      fail      
clear 2 depth                                          pass      fail      
clear 6 color                                          pass      fail      
clear 6 depth                                          pass      fail      
clear 6 stencil                                        pass      fail      
draw-buffers-alpha-to-one 4                            pass      fail      
EXT_framebuffer_object                                 175/289   173/289   
fbo-fragcoord2                                         pass      fail      
fbo-generatemipmap-filtering                           pass      fail      
fbo-generatemipmap-formats                             2/76      1/76      
GL_LUMINANCE4_ALPHA4                                   pass      fail      
fbo-readpixels-depth-formats                           14/24     16/24     
GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8_EXT                                3/4       2/4       
GL_UNSIGNED_INT                                        pass      fail      
fbo-stencil-GL_STENCIL_INDEX16-clear                   pass      fail      
EXT_packed_depth_stencil                               13/58     11/58     
fbo-depthstencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-clear             pass      fail      
fbo-stencil-GL_DEPTH24_STENCIL8-clear                  pass      fail      
EXT_texture_compression_rgtc                           31/39     11/31     
fbo-generatemipmap-formats                             8/8       4/8       
GL_COMPRESSED_RED                                      pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_RED_GREEN_RGTC2_EXT                      pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_RED_RGTC1_EXT                            pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_RG                                       pass      fail      
texwrap formats                                        12/12     0/4       
GL_COMPRESSED_RED_RGTC1                                pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_RG_RGTC2                                 pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RED_RGTC1                         pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RG_RGTC2                          pass      fail      
texwrap formats bordercolor                            4/4       0/4       
GL_COMPRESSED_RED_RGTC1, border color only             pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_RG_RGTC2, border color only              pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RED_RGTC1, border color only      pass      fail      
GL_COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RG_RGTC2, border color only       pass      fail      
EXT_transform_feedback                                 45/279    44/279    
discard-bitmap                                         pass      fail      
glsl-1.10                                              1540/1636 1529/1636 
execution                                              1295/1391 1286/1391 
fs-inline-notequal                                     pass      fail      
fs-saturate-pow                                        pass      fail      
maximums                                               12/12     8/12      
gl_MaxCombinedTextureImageUnits                        pass      fail      
gl_MaxFragmentUniformComponents                        pass      fail      
gl_MaxTextureImageUnits                                pass      fail      
gl_MaxVertexAttribs                                    pass      fail      
vs-mat2-array-assignment                               pass      fail      
vs-saturate-exp2                                       pass      fail      
vs-saturate-pow                                        pass      fail      
linker                                                 18/18     16/18     
access-builtin-global-from-fn-unknown-to-main          pass      fail      
override-builtin-uniform-01                            pass      fail      
glsl-1.20                                              2124/2183 2097/2183 
execution                                              788/845   761/845   
maximums                                               12/12     7/12      
gl_MaxClipPlanes                                       pass      fail      
gl_MaxCombinedTextureImageUnits                        pass      fail      
gl_MaxTextureCoords                                    pass      fail      
gl_MaxVaryingFloats                                    pass      fail      
gl_MaxVertexTextureImageUnits                          pass      fail      
uniform-initializer                                    64/64     44/64     
fs-bool-set-by-other-stage                             pass      fail      
fs-float-array                                         pass      fail      
fs-float-from-const                                    pass      fail      
fs-float-set-by-other-stage                            pass      fail      
fs-int                                                 pass      fail      
fs-int-from-const                                      pass      fail      
fs-int-set-by-other-stage                              pass      fail      
fs-mat3-set-by-other-stage                             pass      fail      
fs-mat4-from-const                                     pass      fail      
fs-mat4-set-by-API                                     pass      fail      
fs-mat4-set-by-other-stage                             pass      fail      
fs-structure-array                                     pass      fail      
vs-bool-from-const                                     pass      fail      
vs-float                                               pass      fail      
vs-float-array                                         pass      fail      
vs-mat2                                                pass      fail      
vs-mat3                                                pass      fail      
vs-mat4                                                pass      fail      
vs-mat4-from-const                                     pass      fail      
vs-mat4-set-by-API                                     pass      fail      
vs-all-equal-bool-array                                pass      fail      
vs-assign-varied-struct                                pass      fail      
glsl-1.30                                              468/604   455/604   
execution                                              465/601   452/601   
clipping                                               20/20     18/20     
fs-clip-distance-interpolated                          pass      fail      
vs-clip-distance-explicitly-sized                      pass      fail      
fs-discard-exit-1                                      pass      fail      
fs-discard-exit-2                                      pass      fail      
fs-increment-int                                       pass      fail      
fs-multiply-const-ivec4                                pass      fail      
maximums                                               13/13     9/13      
gl_MaxClipPlanes                                       pass      fail      
gl_MaxCombinedTextureImageUnits                        pass      fail      
gl_MaxTextureImageUnits                                pass      fail      
gl_MaxVaryingFloats                                    pass      fail      
qualifiers                                             1/1       0/1       
vs-out-conversion-ivec4-to-vec4                        pass      fail      
uniform-initializer                                    8/8       6/8       
fs-uint-from-const                                     pass      fail      
vs-uint                                                pass      fail      

- ajax

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