Discussion starters for ION session at Linux Plumbers Android+Graphics microconf

John Stultz john.stultz at linaro.org
Thu Sep 5 17:49:38 PDT 2013

Hey everyone,
   In preparation for the Plumbers Android+Graphics microconf, I wanted to
send out some background documentation to try to get all the context we can
out there prior to the discussion, as time will be limited and it would be
best to spend it discussing solutions rather then re-hashing problems and

I'm sure many folks on this list could probably do a better job summarizing
the issues, but I wanted to get this out there to try to enumerate the
problems and the different perspectives on the issues that I'm aware of.

The document is on LWN here:

But I wanted to start a discussion thread here, since the LWN comment
threads (while *much* better then most comment sections) aren't really the
right place for this sort of thing.

So please feel free to reply to correct any inaccuracies in my summary,
provide your thoughts on the various proposed solutions, or suggest new
solutions that we should also discuss at the micro-conference!

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