Stereo 3D v3

Damien Lespiau damien.lespiau at
Fri Sep 6 11:57:16 PDT 2013

Follow up of:

Let's try again! This time, intead of a magic connector property to select if
we want to return more modeinfo flags to userspace, this series introduces a
new SET_CAP ioctl.

So the flow goes as following:
  1/ the DRM client (limited to the DRM master) can notify it knows about those
     flags through SET_CAP
  2/ we parse the HDMI CEA vendor blog for 3D_Present and patch the mandatory
     modes with the layouts they support (in ->flags)
  3/ we can then handle a modeset with one (and only one) of those stereo 3D
     layout set on the mode. This includes writing a vendor infoframe with
     the information about the layout we're sending

libdrm patches will follow with a new drmSetCap() function and the stereo 3D

Testing has been done with intel-gpu-tools' testdisplay that can now compose a
left and right image for the "top and bottom", "side by side half" and "frame
packing" stereo 3d layouts (patches posted on intel-gfx).

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