[Bug 60791] Display corruption with Radeon driver during boot and on desktop

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Sun Sep 8 10:22:36 PDT 2013


--- Comment #17 from Brian Hall <hallbw at gmail.com> ---
Fixed it!

The problem was in atom.c, my bisect was correct. Starting with the bad 3.10.5
atom.c, I copied it into the good 3.10.4 tree, commented out the reset data
block part, rebuilt, and that fixed it. Commenting out the reset divmul part,
without removing the reset data block part, did not fix the corruption.

So I generated a patch, and applied that to a 3.11 tree. Fixed the corruption
on 3.11. This is the first time I've booted anything higher than 3.10.4 without
this problem. Now I'm running 3.11+fix_radeon_dvi_corruption.patch on DVI and
there's no corruption during boot or on my desktop.

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