[Bug 60791] Display corruption with Radeon driver during boot and on desktop

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--- Comment #28 from Brian Hall <hallbw at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Alex Deucher from comment #22)
> Created attachment 107911 [details]
> possible fix
> Does this patch fix the issue?  Please apply without your patch.

Patch 0001-drm-radeon-atom-workaround-vbios-bug-in-transmitter-.patch did fix
my issue, on 3.11.0 without the fix_radeon_dvi_corruption.patch. I had some
trouble getting the atom-workaround patch to apply, so I just manually modified
atombios_encoders.c as per the patch:

                        /* some early dce3.2 boards have a bug in their
transmitter control table */                                                    
//                      if ((rdev->family != CHIP_RV710) && (rdev->family !=
                        /* some dce3.x boards have a bug in their transmitter
control table.                                                                  
                        * ACTION_ENABLE_OUTPUT can probably be dropped since
                        * does the same thing and more.                         
                       if ((rdev->family != CHIP_RV710) && (rdev->family !=
CHIP_RV730) &&                                                                  
                           (rdev->family != CHIP_RS780))                        

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