[Bug 60182] X.Org Server terminate when I close video player

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Tue Sep 10 20:29:56 PDT 2013


--- Comment #26 from Weber K. <weberkai at yahoo.com.br> ---
During a test, I needed to issue 2 "cont" commands at gdb to advance just one
frame at one breakpoint I trapped. And when closing the player, I issued twice
"cont" at gdb, and only after the segfault occured.

I suspect the function "radeon_dri2_screen_init" at "radeon_dri2.c" is called
twice, one for each Screen, and then this routine is scheduling the
"radeon_dri2_client_state_changed" routine twice with "AddCallBack".

This way, when the client state is changed to gone, the "destroy buffers"
routine is called twice either, and the error occur.

I also want to thank the devs for the radeon driver!
Thank you!

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