[Bug 54381] [drm:radeon_atom_pick_pll] *ERROR* unable to allocate a PPLL

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Wed Sep 11 02:24:38 PDT 2013


--- Comment #14 from Andrew Stubbs <ams at codesourcery.com> ---
More observations:

About 1 time in 3 boots the driver will fail to allocate PPLLs at all, and
Ubuntu 13.10 will not start lightdm login screen.

Having failed, I tend to get a run of failures, but two or three reboots is
usually sufficient to get a working setup once more. There just seems to be a
random factor in there somewhere.

Please note: in these instances I have one monitor configured to run in a
reduced resolution, so clock matching should not be a problem. I suppose it
might be less problematic were I running all three screens at their preferred,
default resolution.

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