no hdmi sound on hd5450 stompdagger1 at
Sat Sep 21 09:59:26 PDT 2013

>>2013/8/18 StompDagger1 at <stompdagger1 at>:

>>> 2013/8/18 StompDagger1 at <stompdagger1 at>:
>>>>> does the following patch: "[FIX][PATCH] drm/radeon: fix WREG32_OR macro
>>>>> setting bits in a register" which you've commited fixes my
>>>>Yes, I believe so! Sorry, I forgot to ping you about that.
>>> thats ok, I've applied the patch it doesn't seems to work, I'll verify later
>>> today when I'll get home.
>>> also, does screen flickering is part of this bug?
>>Please create a bug report, and stop using HTML in your e-mail all the time.
>>Provide output of "avivotool regs hdmi" in your bug report.
>bug 68244 opened.
>I'm trying to figure out how to disable HTML in mails in yahoo, still no luck, sorry.

Rafał, any updates on the mentioned above bug? is there anything I can do to help?
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