PCI Radeon RV100 detection hang on sparc64

mroos at linux.ee mroos at linux.ee
Mon Sep 23 14:14:41 PDT 2013

> > That looks quite strange. I guess the kernel should map the ROM at the
> > address OpenBoot/OF assigned to it. ( 10020000 ).
> The address you see is a raw physical I/O address, which is a concatenation
> of the I/O window physical address for that PCI controller and the
> PCI bus assigned address.
> This is what we store in the resource values.
> The pci_assign_resource() path must have some bug that causes the
> resource values to be set incorrectly or similar.
> Meelis, what is the value of pci_resource_start(pdev, PCI_ROM_RESOURCE)
> before the pci_map_rom() call?

[drm] radeon_read_bios: pci_resource_start(ROM)=000001FF10020000

I am a little confused here. ROM addressis OK but after pci_map_rom it 
results in address that corresponds to another device?

Meelis Roos (mroos at linux.ee)

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