Upstreaming the stereo v6 series

Damien Lespiau damien.lespiau at
Wed Sep 25 09:47:48 PDT 2013


So this series looks like a good candidate to be merged in one tree.

Beside the new 3d flags added to the mode structure, the other new API
is the SET_CLIENT_CAP ioctl. It seems that this new ioctl could already
be potentially useful for user space to tell us they want the "primary"
plane explosed as a DRM plane.

The i915 bits depend on the lastest drm-intel(-next-queued) so it'd be
simpler to merge this series in drm-intel rather than drm-next. Options

  - merge it through drm-intel (yey!)

  - merge it through drm-next once the current drm-intel has been merged
    (will probably need a rebase because of the crtc_clock addition)

  - merge the drm patches through drm-next and the drm/i915 ones through
    drm-intel, but that'll likely need me to rebase the i915 patches as

All in all, it'd be much easier to merge it through drm-intel (if people
are happy with the current state of the series, of course).


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