[Bug 69675] audio broken in 24Hz/24p since 3.11 (regression)

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> > IIRC it was the XBMC people that wanted the ntsc variants in the first place
> > as their player defaults to sync to video exactly and would need to resample
> > sound at 24Hz because of this (blu-ray are 24/1.001).
> > 
> Sure? The source material is 24 Hz, and wasn't the whole point of 24p to get
> away from NTSC conversions? TV shows might be a different matter though...

Well I guess my blu-ray collection of 2 may not be very representitive, but
they are both films rather than TV, were bought in the UK with PAL DVDs in the
same case and both ffmpeg and mediainfo show them as being 23.976.

> > Does it claim CEA compliance?
> > 
> I would assume so. But it's not really something blingy enough to brag about
> on the box. There are specs here:

Oh, OK it was just a thought posted before all the other detail about the mode

> > The old mode is the first one listed by xrandr - can't you just avoid the
> > ntsc ones rather than needing them to be removed?
> If I can, I don't know how. It is xbmc that's my use case, and it tends to
> pick that mode. Besides, we shouldn't have modes listed that don't work
> properly. :)

Hopefully it can be fixed.

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