[Bug 69514] R770 (Radeon 4850) screen/buffer corruption when waking up from sleep mode

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Mon Sep 30 03:30:53 PDT 2013


--- Comment #13 from Peter Asplund <peterasplund at gentoo.se> ---
I haven't been able to disect anything yet, but I do have some updated
information. I switched back my BIOS settings to Hibernate via S3 instead of S1
(which I was forced to switch to because of Windows 7 somehow disabling my
hibernate possibility because of some "known issue with power management" or
something like it) and now my glitches are gone! The hibernate and wake-up
works perfectly. I have yet to try Sleep I think, but I think I tried and it
doesn't work at all since my motherboard only supports _either_ S1 or S3.
This is very strange though, since I'm fairly certain I've used both of them

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