[Mesa-dev] [r600g] Mesa CVS 4e9aa67: vdpau has only MPEG1/2 on RV730

Dieter Nützel dieter at nuetzel-hh.de
Mon Sep 30 06:31:39 PDT 2013

Am 30.09.2013 10:47, schrieb Grigori Goronzy:
> On 30.09.2013 10:06, Michel Dänzer wrote:
>> On Son, 2013-09-29 at 22:34 +0200, Dieter Nützel wrote:
>>> after latest git pull I've only MPEG1, MPEG2_SIMPLE and MPEG2_MAIN 
>>> with
>>> my RV730 (AGP).
> Same problem on PALM. Bisection shows that it is caused by commit
> 68f6dec32. The initialization order seems to be wrong, the check for
> UVD is done too early. I'll send a patch in a minute.
> Best regards
> Grigori

Thank you Grigori and Marek (AMD!) ;-)


>> That probably means you lost UVD support for some reason. Assuming UVD
>> is still enabled in the kernel, can you bisect which Mesa change 
>> caused
>> the problem for you?

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