[Bug 66963] r600: linux v3.11.0-RC isn't booting with radeon.dpm=1 option in grub

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Mon Sep 30 22:04:37 PDT 2013


--- Comment #139 from Bryan Quigley <gquigs+bugs at gmail.com> ---
> Does it hang the entire system as soon as you load the driver, or only when
> you start X or something like that?
Hangs on driver load.  

> As for debugging, you can try disabling rv6xx_dpm_set_power_state() by
> returning early (see the patch below).  
This doesn't work.. actually it seems to fail a bit faster now..  previously it
would display kernel messages for a bit, not it goes off after extracting the

I tried exiting early out of a few other functions like rv6xx_dpm_init, but
haven't had any better results.  I put a printk statement in _init, which never
got printed.. Could we never make it there?  I couldn't find anything that
comes before _init...

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