[Bug 81261] NVIDIA GT 745M not properly detected

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--- Comment #8 from Ilia Mirkin <imirkin at alum.mit.edu> ---
There are no nouveau messages and there are NVRM messages. Do these issues
happen with nouveau instead of the blob?

As for not having GLX, you're probably mixing and matching xorg/mesa and nvidia
blob libraries.

The Xorg log all seems fine... you never actually stated anything about the
problem you're having (beyond some annoying lines in dmesg which are usually a
result of buggy ASL logic). And lastly using the blob basically gets you 0
support from most of the open source community. [FTR, the suggested config on
that archlinux wiki page is pretty crazy... but it does seem like it could

So... what's the issue? Is it that the proprietary nvidia drivers don't work in
some way that you expect them to? Then file a bug with nvidia. If the issue,
whatever it is, is reproducible without the blob drivers, feel free to update.

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