[PATCH 09/19] drm/radeon: handle lockup in delayed work, v2

Christian König christian.koenig at amd.com
Mon Aug 4 08:04:11 PDT 2014

Am 04.08.2014 um 16:58 schrieb Maarten Lankhorst:
> op 04-08-14 16:45, Christian König schreef:
>> Am 04.08.2014 um 16:40 schrieb Maarten Lankhorst:
>>> op 04-08-14 16:37, Christian König schreef:
>>>>> It'a pain to deal with gpu reset.
>>>> Yeah, well that's nothing new.
>>>>> I've now tried other solutions but that would mean reverting to the old style during gpu lockup recovery, and only running the delayed work when !lockup.
>>>>> But this meant that the timeout was useless to add. I think the cleanest is keeping the v2 patch, because potentially any waiting code can be called during lockup recovery.
>>>> The lockup code itself should never call any waiting code and V2 doesn't seem to handle a couple of cases correctly either.
>>>> How about moving the fence waiting out of the reset code?
>>> What cases did I miss then?
>>> I'm curious how you want to move the fence waiting out of reset, when there are so many places that could potentially wait, like radeon_ib_get can call radeon_sa_bo_new which can do a wait, or radeon_ring_alloc that can wait on radeon_fence_wait_next, etc.
>> The IB test itself doesn't needs to be protected by the exclusive lock. Only everything between radeon_save_bios_scratch_regs and radeon_ring_restore.
> I'm not sure about that, what do you want to do if the ring tests fail? Do you have to retake the exclusive lock?

Just set need_reset again and return -EAGAIN, that should have mostly 
the same effect as what we are doing right now.


> ~Maarten

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