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> Alright, I have tested Uber Mode and it doesn't improve performance, at
> least not visibly. That's not the biggest problem. Uber Mode makes the card
> very unstable. I'm getting random geometry corruption and hangs with it. If
> I test a game, it usually doesn't survive 2 minutes of playing. The only
> other difference I see is that the maximum shader clock changed from 80000
> to 85000 (KHz?). Anyway, the clocks seem too low. I think this card should
> be able to reach 1 GHz. It's also pretty cold - it only has 50 °C.

I think I should correct some things I said above. (BTW if you don't know what
a Uber/Quiet mode is, there is a tiny on-board switch for switching between the
two: http://assets.hardwarezone.com/img/2013/11/R9_BIOS_Switch-600W.jpg)

The Quiet mode is pretty stable. Some apps might hang due to incorrect hardware
programming, but other than that, it's solid.

The Uber mode has some graphics corruption in some 3D apps. That might be the
reason why it hangs, but the hangs can be rare despite seeing a lot of
disappearing/flickering geometry.

I'm using Alex's drm-next-3.17-rebased-on-fixes. The other branch 3.17-wip
turned out be very unstable when I first fetched it, so you might want to avoid
it (not sure if the wip branch is working now).

I've figured out why Heaven and Valley hang. I have a workaround now and I'll
try to find the best way to fix it tomorrow.

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