[Bug 79980] Random radeonsi crashes

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Tue Aug 5 06:00:24 PDT 2014


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> Still present in the final 3.16 kernel. This bug is really crazy. I have a
> lot of hard lockups playing Age of Empires HD using windows steam. I can't
> provide any log or debug info because my machine die completely.
> My hardware is: Gigabyte HD 7950, using HDMI output on Archlinux + KDE +
> Mesa 10.2.5 + xserver 1.16.

make sure you try out the very latest & greatest


with userptr support

these changes are supposd to be performance-enhanced improvements (only ?) but
also seem raise stability for me ( bug #81612 ):

information on this:

I'll go ahead and test other user-cases, see whether those are also stable now

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