[Bug 82154] [HAWAII] gpu-reset when closing gwenview, fails to resume (atombios stuck executing), then flickery noise

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Tue Aug 5 11:44:21 PDT 2014


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> Does this also happen with the drm-next-3.17-rebased-on-fixes kernel branch?
> drm-next-3.17-wip is missing a few stability fixes compared to that.

Unfortunately I couldn't test with drm-next-3.17-rebased-on-fixes, because it
has a bug somewhere in ata (null pointer dereference or some such thing) that
prevents me from booting.
Also I never reproduced the bug, it actually happened after I recompiled stuff
(especially xf86-video-ati with the v3-patch for enabling hawaii accel
available here:
http://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-driver-ati/2014-August/026534.html ). I then
couldn't get the setup where the crash happened back easily (acceleration
stopped working). But I suspect it's a "random" bug that isn't really related
to closing gwenview.

I'm now on the brand-new current "drm-next-3.17" branch, which is based on
3.16.0 final and boots fine - and should also have all the fixes and patches

I'll monitor the situation for a while. Probably this bug can be disregarded
unless I get more similar crashes with all the fixes applied and more
information how to cause it.

Sorry 'bout the noise, I though those dmesg-messages with exact atombios
commands getting stuck would reveal an possibly easy-to-fix issue, but
according to agd5f on irc they are only symptoms of the gpu not being able to
resume correctly.

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