[Bug 82201] [HAWAII] GPU doesn't reclock, poor 3D performance

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--- Comment #15 from Kai <kai at dev.carbon-project.org> ---
(In reply to comment #11)
> Created attachment 104101 [details] [review]
> enable dpm=1 debugging even when dpm is not forced
> This patch enables the additional dpm debugging output even when it is not
> explictly set on the command line.  Does it help?  The only thing I can
> figure is that the debugging output adds a small delay that may have a
> positive impact.

You're not going to like this. But setting radeon.dpm=1 must have some other
side effect. I booted each configuration represent by attachment 104103 and
attachment 104104 two times. The first (104103) is the stack from comment #0
plus the patch from attachment 104101 applied to the kernel, then booted
without radeon.dpm=1 (see the dmesg output for the kernel command line). When I
start Portal 2 I stay at the numbers reported in comment #0 (ie. at low FPS).

If I boot the stack from comment #0 with the patch from attachment 104101
applied to the kernel and DO set radeon.dpm=1 on the kernel command line (see
second dmesg output; 104104), then I get 60 FPS in Portal 2.

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