[Bug 82201] [HAWAII] GPU doesn't reclock, poor 3D performance

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--- Comment #23 from Kai <kai at dev.carbon-project.org> ---
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> do you have radeon.dpm=0 in smoe /etc/modprobe.d or somewhere like that file?

# grep -nHr radeon.dpm /etc/*
/etc/default/grub:9:GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet radeon.dpm=1"

And, just out of curiousity, that shouldn't matter with attachment 104101
applied, should it?

(In reply to comment #21)
> (In reply to comment #20)
> > (In reply to comment #19)
> > > Maybe we'll get more useful feedback once more people start testing hawaii.
> > 
> > That sounds like I failed to provide something? If you have any request,
> > what I should check, just let me know. Ie. trying a different compiler?
> I didn't mean to imply that.  I can't think of anything else to provide. 
> I'm just thinking maybe someone will notice some small detail that I missed
> or something like that.

Ah, ok. I was more concerned I overlooked something you requested. I'm sure
it'll be resolved eventually.

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