[Bug 72685] [radeonsi hyperz] Artifacts in Unigine Sanctuary

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Mon Aug 11 01:21:46 PDT 2014


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> (In reply to comment #18)
> >  So if someone succesfully fix that currently in various ways broken shadows
> > setup in r600/radeonsi code, he will fix hyperz artifacts too :).
> It's not that simple unfortunately. At least in Sanctuary, the shadows work
> perfectly now without HyperZ but are still broken with it.

 I know i mentionied that here:

 Anyway besides more artifacts of course (i mentioned yesterday on irc to
marek) that if i just disable stencil in si_state.c, there is no lockups in
these traces/apps when hyperz is enabled S_028800_STENCIL_ENABLE(0)

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