[PATCH 0/7] Exynos4: enable HDMI support for Odroid and UniversalC210

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net
Tue Aug 12 06:00:44 PDT 2014

On 1 July 2014 10:10, Marek Szyprowski <m.szyprowski at samsung.com> wrote:
> This is a long awaited patch series enabling support for HDMI output
> available on Exynos4412-based Odroid boards (X/X2/U2/U3/U3+) and
> Exynos4210 Universal C210 board.


have tested a few of these patches on an Odroid-U2 on top of
linux/master (c8d6637):

1a8edf8 clk: exynos4: add support for MOUT_HDMI and MOUT_MIXER clocks
bb2561d drm: exynos: hdmi: make 'hdmi-en' regulator optional and keep it enabled
afe0bff Exynos: add support for 'domain-always-on' property
be421b7 ARM: dts: exynos4: add hdmi related nodes
1206d41 ARM: dts: exynos4412-odroid: enable hdmi support

Tested-by: Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net>

I also needed these two patches from Daniel Drake:

64489ec ARM: dts: Enable PMIC interrupts on ODROID
ef009d7 ARM: dts: ODROID i2c improvements

HDMI worked just fine in the testing I did, I have pushed a branch here:


Marek, Daniel: would you like me to send a series with all the needed
patches together?



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