[Bug 77181] radeon -- GPU lockup when hibernating or waking up

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--- Comment #5 from Rostislav Devyatov <deviatov at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Alex Deucher from comment #4)
> Did it used to work previously?  If so what kernel?  If you know what kernel
> used to work, you can use git to bisect the changes and identify what change
> broke it.

Previously, in kernel 3.12.21-r1-gentoo, I had the same problem (the screen is
sometimes messy after hibernation, and the same "fence wait failed" error in
syslog). Before that, I ran deblobbed kernels 3.8.13-gentoo and 3.4.9-gentoo,
and there were also problems with the screen, but a bit different. The screen
just became black (sometimes it happened after hibernation, sometimes just
during the normal work), but the mouse pointer was there, and the error in
syslog was different: it started with "kernel BUG" at some location. I don't
have the syslog from 3.8.13, but in 3.4.9 it was at mm/slub.c:3474 .

On my system, both problems (the one I have now and the one I had previously)
happen rather irregularly.

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