[Bug 81644] Random crashes on RadeonSI with Chromium.

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I may have found a way to reliably trigger this bug. However, this is based on
the assumption that this bug is also in Drivers/Gallium/r600 (Arch with mesa
version 10.2.5-1) which is what I'm using on my sysem with a Radeon HD 5870.
I'm posting here because the symptoms and error messages are exactly the same,
and it looks like this bug is present in multiple mesa drivers, and I couldn't
find a relevant bug posting in /Drivers/Gallium/r600.

So if anyone is willing to test it, I've found that using certain abilities in
Tales of Maj'Eyal 64-bit Linux ( http://te4.org/ ) triggers the GPU lockup.
Specifically, using the ability "Death Dance" will trigger it, and I believe
something being called by the spinningwinds.lua and spinningwinds.frag scripts
t-engine4-linux64-1.2.3/game/modules/tome-1.2.2-gfx.team//data/gfx/shaders/ is
causing it.

Unfortunately you'd have to make a berserker character and get to level 8 and
28 strength to unlock "Death Dance", so I've uploaded a gzipped save file you
can extract and put in ~/.t-engine/4.0/tome/save/ That should work for testing
if it triggers the GPU lock.


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