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Mon Aug 18 15:35:16 PDT 2014

Hi every one
I'm currently working on VirtualMonitor in my leisure time. It allows you
to use compute/tablet/smartphone as a second monitor for your primary
computer. please refer to for more
information. Currently I have released very basic version for
windows2000-windows7 to demonstrate the project is feasible. When I was
trying to make a further step on windows, I realized it is difficult for an
individual, as it is not open source and also without technical support
from Microsoft.

Then I want to move to linux, and I found Ilija Hadzic's post about Virtual
CRTCs. his post is here:
In his implementation, GPU driver can create arbitrary number of CRTCs
(configurable by user) instead of only those CRTCs that represent real
It is very useful not only for VirtualMonitor, but also
VNC/Virtualization/USB display etc. based on this implementation those
application will be able to take full advantage of the physical graphic
card(3D acceleration).

I want raise Ilijia's original question agian, if anybody in this community
think Virtual CRTCs is useful, and willing to work together to make a
further progress.
My thought is if can implement a driver independent layer between dri and
vendor specific GPU driver, with some general API. maybe implement this
based one vendor related GPU first? e.g. based on Ilijia's implementation
for Radeon as a daemon?

GPU driver is not my expertise, If some expert from this community think
this feature is interesting, and willing to initiate a project for this
feature, that will be great. Then people can work and discuss together.

Any comments regarding to Virtual CRTC or VirtualMonitor are very welcome.

Best wishes
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