[Bug 82781] Option to disable mclk reclocking with AMD R9 280X (TAHITI) to avoid screen flickering on VGA/CRT

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Tue Aug 19 10:58:04 PDT 2014


--- Comment #10 from Christian Birchinger <joker at netswarm.net> ---
I don't know why but the only way i can stop it from chaning mclk is doing


  if ((rdev->pm.dpm.new_active_crtc_count > 1) ||
    disable_mclk_switching = true;

I know ni_dpm_vblank_too_short must report true because "450 <= 450".
I'm totaly clueless why only hardcoding "true" keeps mclk at max 160000
also any printk i add after this wont get printed out.

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