[Bug 82050] R9270X pyrit benchmark perf regressions with latest kernel/llvm

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--- Comment #20 from Andy Furniss <adf.lists at gmail.com> ---
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> Does the pyrit benchmark include compile time when calculating PMKs/s ? The
> patch you've bisected unrolls a loop that makes the pyrit kernel really big,
> so it will take longer to compile.
> Is it possible to run the benchmark for longer?  If so, does the gap between
> good and bad shrink?

It runs for 1min 16s as is, TBH I don't use/know pyrit - the only reason I have
it is when I got my radeonsi and was reading how to get opencl there was a link
to it as an example of a working app in the wiki.

It does seem to build up speed as time progresses, but now it's slower it seems
to plateau slightly longer before the end than it used to.

Maybe it's just not a representative test - hence my query about glxgears, I
haven't found any "real" opencl use to benchmark yet - x264 would be nice, but
it seems it needs things not yet implemented.

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