[Bug 79980] Random radeonsi crashes

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Thu Aug 21 08:18:52 PDT 2014


--- Comment #99 from Malte Schröder <maltesch at gmx.de> ---
I am not sure if this is related, but what I see _a lot_ recently in my kernel
log is this:

[  554.747835] [TTM] Illegal buffer object size
[  554.747837] [TTM] Illegal buffer object size
[  554.747838] [drm:radeon_gem_object_create] *ERROR* Failed to allocate GEM
object (0, 6, 4096, -22)

This is on X.org 1.16.0, radeon_drv 7.4.99 with glamor enabled, mesa 10.2.5 and

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