[Bug 82717] OpenCL support for mandelbulber-opencl

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--- Comment #7 from Christoph Haag <haagch at frickel.club> ---
(In reply to comment #6)

> Does it require any other OpenCL 1.2 features besides the static keyword on
> functions? 

Yes. The next one is clCreateImage I believe (not at the PC right now).
Mesa has a stub for it that tells the user is not supported in opencl 1.1.

I haven't gotten around testing the denorms parameter yet, but assuming it
works I don't think there's anything to do for OpenCL 1.1.

So close it until there's opencl 1.2 or keep it open and update whether
something it uses is implemented, however you prefer it. But it's not very
important, so if you have something better to do, please don't go out of your
way to support it.

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