[Bug 78221] 3.16 RC1: AMD R9 270 GPU locks up on some heavy 2D activity - GPU VM fault occurs. (possibly DMA copying issue strikes back?)

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Sat Aug 23 18:05:04 PDT 2014


--- Comment #18 from t3st3r at mail.ru ---
This is getting even more interesting. After some investigation I got idea why
bisect never succeeds. It looks like there was no stable kernels at all: 3.15
is also broken. However it takes "almost forever" to crash it with previously
used methods.

Somehow I stepped up on similar but far more optimized use case (another map in
BfW game) which locks up GPU in matter of seconds to a minute. That's what I
need :). This also proven to knock down "good" 3.15 kernels in matter of 30
seconds or so. So it was not good at all. Obviously my bisect can't succeed.

On other hand now I can try mentioned patches...

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