[Bug 79980] Random radeonsi crashes

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Sun Aug 24 04:00:05 PDT 2014


--- Comment #117 from darkbasic <darkbasic at linuxsystems.it> ---
Here is drm-fixes and yes, it will be part of -rc2:

Unfortunately I've been too eager to declare drm-fixes stable because I just
got an X freeze:
[139998.633243] traps: chrome[11324] general protection ip:7f8f8f1790b0 
sp:7fffba3d5610 error:0 in .radeonsi_dri.so._portage_merge_.20817

I was simply running an "emerge --sync" while browsing a couple of simple web

Any chance to fix this? If yes I'm willing to open a new bug for this.

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