3D and then OpenCL on VIA VX800/VX820

Xavier Bachelot xavier at bachelot.org
Tue Aug 26 05:13:07 PDT 2014

On 04/08/2014 05:11, Dave Airlie wrote:
> On 4 August 2014 11:52, Felix Nawothnig <felix.nawothnig at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey...
>> I know that this sounds crazy, but I'd like to attempt to do it - that is if
>> it is possible at all. :-)
>>  From following the Noveau and Gallium development over the last years
>> (including reading the source code) I have a slight clue how to do things
>> but basically I'm a newbie to 3D driver development. (I do on the other hand
>> have solid knowledge of higher level 3D programming, and solid knowledge of
>> low-level / driver / hardware development).
>> Still, I'm willing to learn - so...
>> Tell me if it's possible at all (or maybe if just the first part might be
>> possible) and give me a very slight hint where to start (obviously the start
>> would be how to begin the 3D support for VX800/VX820).
>> And yea. I know this will take ages if I do this by myself - and the chances
>> to succeed are slim...
>> But everyone needs a hobby. ;-)
>> And I love the idea of supporting OpenCL on an architecture where the vendor
>> would probably never ever support it on any OS. :-)
> These are DX9 parts from what I know, so the most you'd get going on
> them is similar
> to what R500 or NV40 exposes, GL 2.1, I highly doubt they do MSAA, and even
> higher doubt they have any ability to run OpenCL in a useful or manner.
> OpenCL needs features the GPU doesn't expose.
> You'd also want to start with a KMS driver (openchrome) and at least
> get that working first,

openchrome KMS is mostly working although unaccelerated. James would 
certainly love some help with the tasks remaining to get a KMS enabled 
drm driver in upstream kernel.
There are some information there : 

> then maybe build a gallium driver on top of that.
> The Via DX11 chips might be more interesting in that they might have
> some useful hw bits,
> though I've no idea how you'd start to RE them.

Unfortunately, unlike some other VIA chips, there is no documentation 
available for the VX11 and this chip is likely very different to even 
the VX900. I can try to get in touch again with some people at VIA about 
that, but last time I asked even doc under NDA wasn't an option.

Felix, please get in touch with us on the openchrome-devel mailing list 
or #openchrome on freenode, James and I can probably answer some of your 
questions to get you started.


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