[Bug 82828] Regression: Crash in 3Dmark2001

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--- Comment #4 from Connor Abbott <cwabbott0 at gmail.com> ---
All the crashes are in the same place, right?

Can you run it under gdb and print out n2 and the contents of
g->nodes[n].adjacency_list (it's an array with g->nodes[n].adjacency_count
elements) after the segfault? How about the former before the ra_simplify()
call in the ra_allocate() call that's segfaulting? (If you don't know how to do
this, see

I'm guessing that it's segfaulting because n2 is some bogus value. n2 comes
from the adjacency_list, which is something generated before the allocator
actually runs by code I didn't touch and then never modified afterward, and the
code that's segfaulting wasn't modified by the commit in question, so the two
most likely options I see are that either this is exposing a bug somewhere else
(like in r300g) or the new ra_simplify() is somehow corrupting the
adjacency_list. I don't know how r300g sets up the register conflicts and
register classes, though, so I can't guess why it works fine on i965 but fails
for r300g.

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