[Bug 65963] screen goes blank, Linux hangs - Radeon 7870, Gallium, Glamor

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Sun Aug 31 06:45:05 PDT 2014


--- Comment #24 from Maximilian Böhm <winlux at gmail.com> ---
@Damian Nowak: I would gladly use Mesa 10.1.4 but with this version I don't get
any OpenGL.

(all from 06-08 via Arch Rollback Machine, the last day with 10.1.4*.)
+ recent X-Server 1.16 etc.

I see this bug report as the same as the linked above "Random radeonsi
crashes". The crashes are in many shapes, in the last time my screen just
freezes but the mouse pointer still moves... Can't jump into a virtual console
nor kill X. I think I will install Catalyst again, it's really sad. Catalyst
doesn't even support Firefox' OMTC GPU accelerated scrolling so all scrolling
is stuttering on my 2560x1440 monitor (if I set it to FHD the stuttering is
acceptable but of course I want full resolution...).

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