[Bug 81644] Random crashes on RadeonSI with Chromium.

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Sun Aug 31 16:35:24 PDT 2014


--- Comment #58 from Aaron B <aaronbottegal at gmail.com> ---
I would also like to add, if this happens three times in quick succession (Have
chrome running with an OpenGL game starting/Level loading in a game) it'll
sometimes have 3 quick fail and recovers. If it does happen 3 times in a row, X
dies and it throws up a few "Couldn't schedule IB" with possibly a previous
"Still active IB in BO." or two to the kernel log. This is pretty rare, but
about one out of every 5 crashes when I'm starting a game and Chromium/Mesa
fail to start the OpenGL app will fail in such a manner, although it has also
happened with just Chromium, but that is much more rare.

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