[Bug 76564] [AMD Fusion E-350] HDMI refresh rates doesn't match expectations

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I've tested the attached patch, which is now included in OpenELEC 4.0 Beta 7 on
my AMD Fusion E-350 with Radeon HD 6310 system (see adb76_lspci.txt). There
seems to be still a problem with which I was alread in contact with Peter
Frühberger (fritsch) on the github site for OpenELEC:
https://github.com/OpenELEC/OpenELEC.tv/issues/3163 . Peter asked me to attach
my information to this bug:

The problem is that when I watch videos with XBMC on OpenELEC 4.0 Beta 7 the
"missed frames" counter (not the skipped frames counter!) increases constantly
during playback. In around 45 minutes there are approximately 30 "missed
frames". The missed frames are recognisable, so when I see a stuttering I look
afterwards on the OSD of XBMC and the missed frame counter increased by +1 or
+2. I previously had installed OpenELEC 3.2 where I didn't get any missed
frames during the full playback. The assumption of Peter is that "the driver
did not do swaps".

My TV is displaying the framerate of all the tested videos natively:
1920x1080 at 25fps and 1280x720 at 25fps. See also the attached file adb76_xrandr.txt
for the display properties.

On XBMC side I have set the following preferences (according to the suggestions
of Peter): 

Enable Adjust Refreshrate to match video (On Start / Stop)
Enable Sync Playback to Display Method Video Clock (Drop / Dupe)
Deinterlace: Auto 
Deinterlace Method: Bob
Scaling: Bilinear
Vertical Blank Setting: Let Driver Decide
Enalbe HQ Scaler: above 20%

I have attached multiple logs from my system (adb76_*). Which further
informations are required to narrow down the problem?

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