[Bug 77009] 24P playback video signal loss with latest DRI patches

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> Both your logs are of April 1st, so don't contain the possible fix.
> The fix (to keep the divs low) was commited two days ago into OpenELEC git.
> Since then no official builds have been made. 
> Furthermore the logs are useless without drm.debug=0xe
> I think you got your builds from xbmcnightly.com and they did not do full
> rebuilds.

thanks for your answer and please forgive me for providing improper logs. 

i'm using Openelec 4.0 final right now and the issue appear to be somewhat

using the HD6450 i now get video signal but i get severe jerkiness with any
23.98 content. xbmc-xrandr reports 23.97608 but the video stutters heavily at
what appears to be regular times.

exactly the same thing used to happen with the SUMO GPU integrated inside the
A8-3870K APU.
as of OpenELEC r18022 any 23.98 content played on the SUMO GPU resulted in
exactly the same stutters while xbmc-xradr still report 23.97608. r18117 fixed
the stutters on the APU and video played perfectly smooth.
right now Openelec r18022 is the last version out of the ones i tested that
gives me perfectly smooth 23.98 content playback on the HD6450.

using Openelec 4.0 final on the integrated SUMO GPU inside the A8-3870k result
in perfectly smooth video playback of the same files white xbmc-xrandr report

basically between Openelec r18022 and 4.0 final i get exactly the opposite
behavior between the HD6450 and the SUMO GPU. 

i'll try to provide (hopefully useful) logs (if you could point me in the right
direction in this regard it will be much appreciated) in the near future if you
think what i tried to explain above makes any sense.


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