[RFC] drm/nouveau: disable caching for VRAM BOs on ARM

Alexandre Courbot acourbot at nvidia.com
Mon May 19 03:06:24 PDT 2014

On 05/19/2014 06:57 PM, Lucas Stach wrote:
> Am Montag, den 19.05.2014, 18:46 +0900 schrieb Alexandre Courbot:
>> This patch is not meant to be merged, but rather to try and understand
>> why this is needed and what a more suitable solution could be.
>> Allowing BOs to be write-cached results in the following happening when
>> trying to run any program on Tegra/GK20A:
>> Unhandled fault: external abort on non-linefetch (0x1008) at 0xf0036010
>> ...
>> (nouveau_bo_rd32) from [<c0357d00>] (nouveau_fence_update+0x5c/0x80)
>> (nouveau_fence_update) from [<c0357d40>] (nouveau_fence_done+0x1c/0x38)
>> (nouveau_fence_done) from [<c02c3d00>] (ttm_bo_wait+0xec/0x168)
>> (ttm_bo_wait) from [<c035e334>] (nouveau_gem_ioctl_cpu_prep+0x44/0x100)
>> (nouveau_gem_ioctl_cpu_prep) from [<c02aaa84>] (drm_ioctl+0x1d8/0x4f4)
>> (drm_ioctl) from [<c0355394>] (nouveau_drm_ioctl+0x54/0x80)
>> (nouveau_drm_ioctl) from [<c00ee7b0>] (do_vfs_ioctl+0x3dc/0x5a0)
>> (do_vfs_ioctl) from [<c00ee9a8>] (SyS_ioctl+0x34/0x5c)
>> (SyS_ioctl) from [<c000e6e0>] (ret_fast_syscall+0x0/0x30
>> The offending nouveau_bo_rd32 is done over an IO-mapped BO, e.g. a BO
>> mapped through the BAR.
> Um wait, this memory is behind an already mapped bar? I think ioremap on
> ARM defaults to uncached mappings, so if you want to access the memory
> behind this bar as WC you need to map the BAR as a whole as WC by using
> ioremap_wc.

Tried mapping the BAR using ioremap_wc(), but to no avail. On the other 
hand, could it be that VRAM BOs end up creating a mapping over an 
already-mapped region? I seem to remember that ARM might not like it...

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