[Bug 75241] radeon_compute_pll_avivo broken in 3.15-rc3

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Tue May 20 11:56:13 PDT 2014


--- Comment #20 from Tasev Nikola <tasev.stefanoska at skynet.be> ---
You're right again.

It seems that just build the module doesn't work for me. I build a new kernel
from sources with the ref_div_max 124 and it seems to work for now. 
[drm:radeon_compute_pll_avivo] 162000 - 161990, pll dividers - fb: 1346.2 ref:
17, post 7
I rebooted 3 times and it always boot fine. I would test it for some days and
report if everything work fine. 
Sorry for my previous post

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