[Bug 73528] Deferred lighting in Second Life causes system hiccups and screen flickering

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I haven't tried without DPM. I might sometime later.

I shall also test R600_LLVM=0. Do I just set that as a variable in the same
console before running the SL process, or is it a compile parameter?

The problem likely existed months before I first tried running the SL viewer on
a GIT version of MESA. The oldest version of Mesa where I don't get this
occurring is the one my Linux distribution comes with, 9.2.3. I wouldn't even
know where to begin bisecting in such an ocean of commits, especially
considering the crashes.

One more thing to mention if it's relevant: I also compile latest GIT Mesa with
latest libdrm from GIT. Since by the time I first tried a development version
of Mesa, it wouldn't compile against the libdrm-devel package in my system.
Still, I use the free Radeon driver and X11 version provided by openSUSE 13.1.
Could there be an incompatibility there? No, I can't risk testing a newer
driver or X11 than my distribution offers, as this is my desktop and I could
break it.

I'll attach the logs you mentioned shortly after I post this comment.

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