[Bug 73528] Deferred lighting in Second Life causes system hiccups and screen flickering

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--- Comment #13 from Michel Dänzer <michel at daenzer.net> ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> I shall also test R600_LLVM=0. Do I just set that as a variable in the same
> console before running the SL process, or is it a compile parameter?

The former, but make sure it's actually visible in the SL process, either by
exporting it or just prepending it on the SL command line.

> I wouldn't even know where to begin bisecting in such an ocean of commits,
> [...]

As I said before, the information in your original report is enough to get the
bisection started:

git bisect bad 2dc35a619c50139d07ad96fc4dfe456e5811c84e
git bisect good mesa-9.2.3

After that, git bisect will isolate the change introducing the problem after
the minimum number of tests required, which is about a dozen (roughly the
logarithm to the base of 2 of the number of commits between the commits above).

At this point, there's no way to make progress on this bug without someone who
can reproduce the problem and investigate or at least bisect it. It's up to you
if you want to look for someone else who fits the bill, or just bisect

> I also compile latest GIT Mesa with latest libdrm from GIT. [...] Still, I
> use the free Radeon driver and X11 version provided by openSUSE 13.1. Could
> there be an incompatibility there?

That's unlikely, especially since Mesa 9.2.3 still works fine?

> No, I can't risk testing a newer driver or X11 than my distribution offers,
> as this is my desktop and I could break it.

FYI, it's possible to test newer versions of all components without affecting
the system installed ones. But so far everything points to this being a Mesa

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