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--- Comment #69 from Michel Dänzer <michel at daenzer.net> ---
First of all, let me remind both of you to make sure si_get_backend_mask() gets
the information from the kernel, and to use my patch which disables tiling as
much as possible for now.

Also, might be worth testing with R600_DEBUG=nodma for now, to prevent the
userspace code from using the asynchronous DMA engine.

(In reply to comment #64)
> * egltri_screen from mesa-demos works, outputs a coloured triangle on grey
> background for 5s (with 3 monitors attached)

That's all it's supposed to do, FWIW. :)

(In reply to comment #65)
> Sometimes it even works again after a few invocations with garbage, but the
> triangle is not centered then, but offset to the left or right. The garbage
> also looks deterministic (always identical for the third and fourth
> invocation after a restart).

Still, I'd assume in those cases it doesn't actually render anything but just
displays leftovers from previous runs.

To differentiate that, I built a second copy of egltri_screen with all
rendering commands except for glClear() disabled (and a glClearColor() call
added for a distinctive clear colour). By running both copies alternatively, I
could be pretty sure whether what I'm seeing was rendered by the current run or
just a leftover.

(In reply to comment #68)
> I can't get EGL to work with newest mesa, with the following messages when trying
> to run egltri_screen:
>     # EGL_LOG_LEVEL="debug" EGL_PLATFORM="drm" ./egltri_screen

Does it work if you add EGL_DRIVER=egl_dri2 ?

> I attached a dmesg with patch 99839 from Christian König but NOT patch 99594
> from Alex Deucher, with newest mesa, where I did a "Xorg -retro" start and
> then glxinfo (which garbles the screen).

I'm afraid it's still too early to test in X. Even without -retro, the GPU is
probably used for some operations via glamor, e.g. for the cursor image.

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