[Bug 79338] Something's broken after llvm's svn commit 209067

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Thu May 29 14:33:40 PDT 2014


--- Comment #7 from José Suárez <j.suarez.agapito at gmail.com> ---
Hmmm... the problem actually seems to not be related to llvm.

I managed to obtain a crash dmesg log (see attachment above) while using llvm
3.5 svn 209067 which in theory was a good llvm svn revision. That made me
rethink the cause of the problem and now I think the problem is coming from the

So I tried linux 3.14 (3.14.0-031400-generic #201403310035), which I had used
before the 3.15 rc's started to come out. The thing is that with llvm 3.5 svn
209708 and linux 3.14 the gpu does not lock up. This svn 209708 llvm revision
was making the gpu hang quite fast with linux 3.15-rc6 when launching a game.

GPU hang with 3.15-rc6 with llvm revs higher than 209067 was quite frequent, so
could this be that those higher revs are hitting a bug in linux 3.15-rc6?

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