-next plans/status

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 14:29:24 PST 2014

So since -rc5/6 cutoff last merge windows was so successful from my
POV, I think I'll keep trucking with the idea.

Things I have on my radar for this window, outside normal driver pull requests:

a) rockchip drm - this needs IOMMU driver merged first so I can even
compile it, on hold but shouldn't be a problem if the iommu driver
gets merged somewhere first.

b) atmel hlcdc - where are we on the precursor patches for this?

c) atomic - Daniel seems to have done a good job pulling the helpers
in line, Rob, Sean, Collabora - please jump on board and get this
thing over the line.

d) Exynos/bridge/make my chromebook work upstream patches, where are
we on these, Ajay/Thierry I believe you are in the know.

e) AMD new driver, if this was aiming for next merge window you are
probably late, since it will require review at a guess.


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