tile property contents

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 20:23:22 PDT 2014


So I've been hacking on mutter and the gnome pieces for tiling, and
I've at least fixed mutter locally so maximise windows works and the
heads are in the right order.

Now I've strung all the pieces together using a single KMS property
that X.org propogates, and mutter picks up and propagates over dbus as

Currently I've ascii encoded the property into a blob,


I'm thinking of dropping the version field and just exposing TILE2
property if we need it later to add more values,

The other fields:
tileid: a group id assigned by the kernel to all tiles in the same
group - unique per group
flags: bit 0 : single monitor enclosure
maxhtiles: total number of horiz tiles
maxvtiles: total number of vert tiles
h_tile_loc: horiz location of this output in tile group
v_tile_loc: vert location of this output in tile group
tile_w: width of this tile
tile_h: height of this tile.

Now we extract all of these from the DisplayID v1.3 block, and I'm
wondering if maybe I shouldn't just export the whole DisplayID tiling
info block instead, it however encodes a few other pieces of
information, including bezel info, and some flags specifying behaviour
in some cases.

The former could be more suitable for cases where DisplayID isn't
available (Dual DSI panels?) but I'm worried abuot exposing too little
at this point making TILE useless when the next monitor comes out.

I'm not sure any part of the stack should be extracting things and
splitting them out, I'd like to just give the same tile property all
the way through.


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