Valve games for Mesa/DRI developers

Daniel Stone daniel at
Thu Apr 9 10:10:42 PDT 2015

At Collabora (my lovely dayjob), we've been working with Valve on
SteamOS. Valve are keen to give back to the community, and we've been
discussing ways they can help do that, including providing free access
to Valve games on Steam to Debian developers last year.

We're happy to say that this has been extended to Mesa developers as
well, to say thanks for all the great work. If you have 25 commits or
more (an arbitrary number) to Mesa[0] in the past five years, please
drop me an email (with 'Steam' in the subject) with your freedesktop
username and Steam username. We can then get you access to all past
and future Valve-produced games available on Steam[1].

Thanks for all the great work, and enjoy.


[0]: Or DRI-type stuff in the kernel too.
[1]: Currently this looks like

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