[Bug 80922] XCOM :Enemy Unknown will crash and kill the output after some time.

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--- Comment #2 from Kai <kai at dev.carbon-project.org> ---
(In reply to Marek Olšák from comment #1)
> Does Mesa git still crash?

I've seen this crash as well and can't seem to reproduce it right now. Though
it might be a bit too early to call it fixed just yet, because as Will wrote,
there wasn't really a fixed time after which the game crashed. Sometimes I had
been able to play several hours other times I barely was able to get more than
15 minutes. (Most of the time, though, the game started crashing about an hour
It also didn't matter whether I had the INI-File modifications for better
visuals active or not.

Anyway, within 1.5 hours, the game didn't crash with the stack detailed below.

My current stack (Debian testing as a base):
GPU: Hawaii PRO [Radeon R9 290] (ChipID = 0x67b1)
Mesa: Git:master/5d29eaef85
libdrm: 2.4.62-1
LLVM: SVN:trunk/r243678 (3.8 devel)
X.Org: 2:1.17.1-2
Linux: 4.1.3
Firmware: <https://secure.freedesktop.org/~agd5f/radeon_ucode/hawaii/>
> 286640da3d90d7b51bdb038b65addc47  hawaii_ce.bin
> 161105a73f7dfb2fca513327491c32d6  hawaii_mc.bin
> d6195059ea724981c9acd3abd6ee5166  hawaii_me.bin
> ad511d31a4fe3147c8d80b8f6770b8d5  hawaii_mec.bin
> 63eae3f33c77aadbc6ed1a09a2aed81e  hawaii_pfp.bin
> 5b72c73acf0cbd0cbb639302f65bc7dc  hawaii_rlc.bin
> f00de91c24b3520197e1ddb85d99c34a  hawaii_sdma1.bin
> 8e16f749d62b150d0d1f580d71bc4348  hawaii_sdma.bin
> 7b6ca5302b56bd35bf52804919d57e63  hawaii_smc.bin
> 9f2ba7e720e2af4d7605a9a4fd903513  hawaii_uvd.bin
> b0f2a043e72fbf265b2f858b8ddbdb09  hawaii_vce.bin
libclc: Git:master/7958b0202b
DDX: Git:master/b6d871bf29

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