[Bug 86781] enabling glamor causes jumpy VDPAU playback with 2x framerate DI

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Tue Aug 4 02:26:25 PDT 2015


--- Comment #2 from warpme at o2.pl ---
I just checked with Mesa10.6.3/xorg1.17.2 and issue with too slow decode
(manifested by "Video is 3.40015 frames behind audio") gone. 
Unfortunately interlaced video playback with any 2x framerate DI is not smooth
as expected. Issue is seen on movements where I see v.short (50mSec like)
picture freezes regularly every 0.5sec or so. 
Exactly the same software but with Nvidia HW and their closed source drivers
plays perfectly. I didn't see anything in log's.
I would love to provide You more details if needed.

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