[PATCH] radeon: Add option to disable dpm quirks

Christian König deathsimple at vodafone.de
Sun Aug 9 12:06:41 PDT 2015

On 08.08.2015 21:21, Adel Gadllah wrote:
> Am 08.08.2015 um 21:10 schrieb Christian König:
>> On 08.08.2015 17:09, Adel Gadllah wrote:
>>> Allow users to disable hardware specific dpm quirks
>>> using a module parameter.
>>> This patch leaves quirks enabled by default.
>> You should read the code a bit more carefully, you can already 
>> override the kernel quirks by specifying radeon.dpm=1 on the kernel 
>> command line.
> OK this seems to be indeed true for the quirks in radeon_pm.c but not 
> for the ones in  si_dpm.c ... or am I missing something? (If that's 
> the case we should use radeon_dpm = 1 there as well for consistency).

As far as I know those where explicitly added because of missing support 
for factory overclocked boards to prevent people from accidentally 
turning on DPM on such hardware.

So giving anybody the possibility to override those is probably not a 
good idea. If Alex implements the necessary changes he will surely 
remove those restrictions.


> Regards
> Adel

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